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Our Services | Talented Employees

We always have our Clients’ best interests in mind, considering them our partners in business, and actively contributing to their successful development.
Human Advisors
Pinpoint the perfect staff!

Pinpoint the perfect staff!

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Head Hunting
Direct Placement
Payroll Services
Human Resources Consulting
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Human Advisors offers a full spectrum of services

Our services

Looking for temporary jobs and more? We provide talented employees for many industries including Banking, Services, Sales, Health, Engineering, Communications, and any other industry according to Client needs.

The recruitment process for talented employees 

At Human Advisors, we liberate our Clients’ HR staffs from the time-consuming task of recruiting employees. After we receive a request from a Client, we proceed to do the following:

  1. Post the ads
  2. Receive resumes
  3. Evaluate resumes
  4. Schedule interviews
  5. Conduct phone interviews
  6. Conduct interviews in person
  7. Confirm information on education and employment
  8. Check for references
  9. Pre-select candidates
  10. Send qualified candidates to be interviewed by the Client
  11. The Client interviews candidates and makes his selection
  12. If a Client considers it necessary, our Agency may require the pre-selected candidates to submit to drug tests, credit reports and background checks
  13. Our Agency
    1. Does the hiring 
    2. Offers these hire alternatives: Temporary, Contract, Permanent and Professional
    3. Pays the employee payroll by direct deposit
    4. Files applicable quarterly reports
  14. If an employee needs to be reprimanded, the Client notifies our Agency and our Human Resources staff deal with the matter.
  15. Our Agency maintains the employee’s file.
  16. The Client does not have to rely on its staff to manage the employees.

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